Red LED™

Red LED™


Rejuvenate the surface of your skin with the RED LED™ by FORTOIRE. This at-home LED light therapy device uses NASA approved technology to emit red LED light and infrared wavelengths that penetrate deep below the dermal layer. Red LED light stimulates the skin on a cellular level, promoting collagen production and cell renewal; both necessary to tighten, firm and revive tired skin. With consistent use over a period of several weeks, fine lines and wrinkles will gradually soften, leaving behind a smoother, more refreshed complexion.


waste electronics and electronic equipment      WEE - Waste Electronic Equipment. Do not dispose as a household waste.

keep this product dry      Keep Dry

follow the instructions      Follow the instructions for complete use

type bf      Type BF: Provides a higher degree of protection  against electric shock than that of Type B.

waterproof rating     IP22 Waterproof IP rating


RED LED™ by Fortoire
Rated voltage (adapter): AC100-240V
Rated frequency (adapter): 50/60Hz
Rated current (adapter): 100mA (max)
Maximum output power: 6W
Type of heat source and number:
15 Infrared lights, 8 Red LED lights
Design principle: LED heating therapy
Wavelength: 630+-5nm, 840+-5nm
Therapeutic temperature range: 41+-2C/ 105+-35F
Storage condition: Temperature: -10 C go 60 C/14 F to 140 F
Relative humidity: 5%-95%
Operating condition temperature: 15
C to 35 C/59 F to 95 F
Relative humidity: 10%-80%
Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa
Lithium ion battery: Max charging time: 6 hours
Treatment area: 17 cm2
Weight: 265 g
Rating input: 10Vdc 4.2W
Battery: 7.4Vdc 1050mAh
Product Size: 19.8X4.5X5.96cm


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RED LED™ Overview

REDLED product details diagram
Stainless Steel

The device’s stainless steel plate is durable, lightweight, and hypoallergenic.

Soft Touch Body

The devices’ sleek product design is ergonomic and easy to grip.

Charging Cradle

The device comes with a convenient charging cradle and adapter.

Light Indicators

RED LED™ is equipped with light indicators to signal when the device is powered on, in heat mode, charging or in need of charging. The light will either shine consistently or flash and light color will be green, green and yellow or red depending on what is being indicated. Each insistence is shown below:

Green light device on

Device is powered

Green + yellow heat on

Green + Yellow:
Heat is ON.

Flashing Red:
Device is in charging


Steady Red:
Device is fully

Rapid Flashing:
Device needs to be

Treatment Areas

When using the RED LED™, it is recommended to treat the face one area at a time for approximately 5-7 minutes. Below we indicate suggested treatments areas: cheeks, forehead and undereye area. Do NOT use the device on eyelids. Be sure not to exceed the recommended treatment time per area as overexposure can lead to redness and swelling.







Features of the RED LED™

Touch Sensor

Auto Sensor

Simply turn on and begin your treatment with our sensory operated device.

heat icon

Heat Therapy

Prepares your pores to begin your daily skin care routine.

Ergonomic icon


Soft touch handle makes it easy to use and optimal for comfort during treatment.

How to Use

Once fully charged, power on the RED LED™ and apply it directly to dry cleansed skin. Gently massage in small, circular motions while applying light pressure for 3-5 minutes.

Step 1: Begin with a clean and dry face. Your skin should be free of any powder, gel or cream before beginning this LED treatment.

Step 2:  Lift the device from the charging port. Press the Power ON/OFF button. The green indicator light will shine steady. Your RED LED™ device is now ON and ready to use.

Step 3:  To intensify results, press the HEAT button. The green and yellow indicator lights will shine steady. Please allow up to 4 minutes for device to reach maximum temperature (up to approximately 105°F).

Step 4:  Place the treatment surface on the first area that you want to treat. Apply a light pressure while slowly moving the applicator in small circular motions.

Step 5:  When treatment of all target areas is complete, turn the applicator off by pushing the ON/OFF button. The green or green + yellow indicator lights will turn off.

Step 6:  Always apply a small amount of a moisturizing cream on the treated skin areas after each session, massaging in circular motions.

Step 7:  Clean your device after each use and return it to the charging cradle. Please refer to cleaning and storage instructions on the RED LED™ product manual.